Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Top 10 Weakest/Worthless Devil Fruits in One Piece

Having listed the best possible outcome for eating a Devil Fruit in Top 10 Most Powerful Devil Fruit Users, let us go through the Top 10 Weakest/Worthless Devil Fruits.  These fruit eaters got the short end of the stick when it comes the extraordinary gifts brought on by the coveted Devil Fruit. They all do their best to turn their lemons into lemonade, and seem to be oblivious to the lacking of their gifts.
Honorable Mention- Kinemon of Foxfire

He may have just been introduced, but his devil fruit abilities are already seem weak.  He is able to create clothing out of sticks and leaves, and can seemingly communicate through flatulence.  Both of these abilities are disheartening and useless. The only situation that would call for this ability are bad weather conditions, which conveniently has happened to him on Punk Hazard.  The reason he is not on the list is because he is a new character and his ability might be more than just strictly specific situational.  He is based on the Tanuki, so he might have more tricks in his bag.
10. Buggy- Bara Bara no Mi or Chop-Chop Fruit

The Bara Bara no Mi Devil Fruit allows a person to perform the magic trick of sawing a woman in half to himself.  It is glorified magic trick and very fitting for a clown. The only redeeming feature is that you are immune to being cut, rendering a swordsman useless. This ability would not be on the list if a good swordsman ate the fruit and would become one of the most formidable swordsman around.  It does allow for limited levitation, but his feet must remain on the floor which is very limiting and can be annoying.  He can reconstruct his body in any imaginable way, but there are a not a lot of advantages of having your hands connected to the bottom of your feet.  This fruit is used as a parlor trick fitting of a clown.
9. Alvida- Sube Sube no Mi or Slip-Slip Fruit
Alvida was gifted with a curvaceous and beautiful body that was transformed from a bloated overweight blob of a body.  I have the marketing strategy for this fruit, handsome man asks, “Are you big-boned or chubby, the the solution is the Sube Sube no Mi Devil Fruit is perfect for lean build beautiful body for the rest of your life.” She ate the ultimate weight loss  product that would sell for millions in our world, but in a land of murderous pirates its value is not so high .In addition to this everything slipping off her body, like fat and ugly, weapons and other people fists slip right off.  This means no one can touch her or hold her without her slipping free.  Past that this devil fruit provides very little in fighting power or usefulness.  With a little Haki, anyone can connect a punch with her pretty face.
8. Hina- Ori Ori no Mi or Bind-Bind Fruit
Hina is a Cage-Woman with the Ori Ori no Mi Devil Fruit. She is useless against weak or lower-level warriors who are strong enough to break her metal bindings. A swordsman at Zoro’s level could also cut the metal bars.  Other strong opponents could use Haki to disable her ability, allowing them to touch her without going through her and being trapped.  This ability might be used for other means.  She might be able to bind other things, maybe inanimate objects such as air or senses and thus increasing her functionality. But all the idea does not translate into what she is capable of doing and that is creating iron bars around foes.
7. Tsuru- Woshu Woshu no Mi or Wash-Wash Fruit
The Woshu Woshu no Mi Devil Fruit turns you into a human washing machine, by being able to "wash and hang out to dry" anyone or anything. This ability may seem cool since she can wash away the dirty natures of pirates but it is not the most battle focused ability. Tsuru is the ultimate cleaner but is that valuable when you are facing a man made of fire or rubber which can't be washed.  She can wash away evil, but like bad stains there are evils that can't be removed no matter how many times you wash them.
6. Bellamy- Bane Bane no Mi or Spring-Spring Fruit
Bellamy is the ultimate slinky. Springs, yes. There is not much you can say about that.  He can turn his arms and legs to springs that propel him forward and allow him to build his momentum. He is limited because he can find it hard to change directions and stopping might be a problem. the full extent of the frit is still yet to be explored, but maybe he can turn other body parts into springs. 
5. Sharinguru- Shari Shari no Mi or Wheel-Wheel 
Don’t have a car, motorcycle, bike, or scooter then eat the Shari Shari no Mi devil fruit like Sharinguru and get your own pair of wheels. You will now be able to zoom around on your own wheels and nothing else.
4. Very Good- Beri Beri no Mi or Berry-Berry Fruit
Wait. What? Berries. Yes, with the Beri Beri no Mi Devil fruit you can break your body into berries or sphere. He is protected from blunt blows and in a way is a mixture of the Buggy and Alvida’s Devil Fruits. Very Good’s ability is as strange as his name.
3. Dalmatian- Dalmatian Devil Fruit-
A Dalmatian? Yes. One of the most adorable and cherished dogs, but not the most powerful animal in the animal kingdom. Unless he can turn 101 Dalmatian, with an evil woman trying to skin him. This fruit is weak.
2. Lassoo- Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Dachshund or 
Mutt-2. Mutt Fruit, Dachshund Type
A Dachshund? One of the least intimidating or scary dog imaginable. a slow moving dopey dog. The only benefit is that an inanimate object was given life. If a person ate this frit the would be transformed into a civil and weak dog, fit to be a pet rather than a fighting warrior.
1. Chopper- Hito Hito no Mi or Human-Human Fruit
There is no doubt that Chopper is using Human-Human Fruit to its full capacity by gaining human emotion and understanding. Chopper is gifted with insight and forethought that other reindeer lack. Chopper also has reached a level of genius normal humans lack and is developing insight on the whole animal kingdom since he bridges the two. But what makes this the weakest fruit is that if it was eaten by a human it would have done nothing. A human can not become more human. That makes no logical sense. The likelihood an animal would eat it was low, so if anyone else ate it the would just be throwing away their ability to swim. This is the only fruit that would gift you with nothing and deserves to be called the weakest Devil Fruit.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

More is Coming!

I now have a full time job that allows me more structure in my life. For this reason I will be dedicating more time to this blog and its readers. This means more activity on the Facebook group along with the Twitter. So, like and follow me. My new goal is a post a week for this blog. Stay tooned and enjoy.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 10 Complete Classic Manga You Should Have Read

As you are sitting there waiting for the latest manga updates to get a little taste of the happenings of a blonde ninja, a rubberband pirate, and a ghost swordsmen. So if you got the time check out one of these famous complete manga. These mangas transcend time and if you are new to manga or just dont know find out more information and you can fill the time between Manga releases. This is our "Top Ten Complete Classic Manga You Should Have Read," and after reading the whole list you will become a fully fully-realized Manga-Reader.
Honorable Mention- Veritas
Veritas is a manhwa (a manga originating from Korea, instead of Japan like most Manga) a about a misfit cut-throat brawler who by chance meets the most powerful martial artest and becomes an apprentice and enters a world of struggle and countless fights. The main character is in for a tough time at a school where everyone is a powerful fighter mastering the most dangerous fighting arts. He meet others and develops with only his memory of his master. The story is intriguing and captures the reader, similar to the world that catchs the main protagonist, Gangryong.
Coming Soon- "Top 10 Martial Arts in Veritas"
Honorable Mention- Ai Kora
Don't we all have special things we look for in a partner or possible love intrest. Hachibe Maeda the main character in this manga has a specific set of body part types that he will do anything for. He happens to move it to a girls dorm, witch is a dream for us all, and is meet with four girls with specific desired body parts. What will he do to find love, when his perfect girl is divided among four girls. This is a touching love story that is funny. Each girl is different and all the hijinks that ensue are interesting and the touch of fanservice and pervy vide is appropriate. This manga is a lot of fun.
10. The Breaker
This manhwa does have a sequel called The Breaker: New Waves, but the original Breaker was the classic peace and stands on its own and the sequel does not rise to the level of the first. A student who is bullied meets a teacher who introduces him to a hidden world of Murim, with martial arts are equal to status, influence and power. Shi-Woon Yi must navigate this underworld and develop his fighting style witch he is equipped with a punch that shatters anything it touches. He also has a rival who is similar to Sasuke in many ways. This manhwa is a refreshing journey of growth with a climatic ending. A good read.
Coming Soon- "Top 10 Breaker Moment"
9. Psyren
You like manga where there is action in every chapter and characters running around with cool and unique psychic powers, then this is the manga for you. Psyren puts people in a world that gives them powers after reviving a special card from a mysterious masked figure. This simple opening leading to a gripping story with twists everywhere. Everything comes full cycle in the end and the story finishes with an amazing ending. Worth the read for the cool powers being used alone.
Coming Soon- "Top 10 Psyren PSI Users"
8. Eyeshield 21
One of the most intese and funny sports manga around. Eyeshield 21 has all the qualities of the action packed fantasy adventure manga, while focused on American football. As the story progresses new and deep characters are introduced. The team is put together and face-off against tougher and tougher teams, leading to a showdown with the American team. There was a slight problem with a character named Black Panther, who was said to have fictional extra ligaments in his leg, but forgetting that this manga is amazing and bring American football to Japan and put the Japanese slant on it. Good for any sport-fanatic who wants to get into manga.
7. Rave Master
The predecessor of the current running manga Fairy Tail. Haru Glory is a young adventure with possibly the most powerful sword in existence called Ten Commandments or Ten Powers. It is a sword with many forms and powers and discovering each is cool and fun. The Rave world is filled with wondrous creatures and a cast of characters and villans who are interesting. The tale of a youngster trying to find his place is the world and live up to his responsibility is what makes this manga special.
6. Akira
Akira was one of the first manga works to be translated in its entirety to English. This manga is cyberpunk and tells of a post-apocalyptic world after World War 3. The characters are all deep and their struggles are touching and very human. We see characters drunk with power and those who stand for something when it is hard to do. The story speaks for itself, so read it.
5. Shaman King
Shaman King, the manga based around Native American folklore. A world where the spirit world and our world are a lot closer. Our hero Yoh Asakura must master his shaman powers by building relationships with spirits, namely Amidamaru a powerful samurai. He must compete in a tournament for the spot as the Shaman King and limitless power. Yoh must make friends and defeat his more skilled and powerful twin brother. Yoh starts as a lazy and carefree spirt and remains one throughout, witch is his greatest accomplishment. A must read.
3. Fullmetal Alchemist
A manga that follows completely the idea of equal exchange, meaning that to get something you must give up something of equal value. The world is run by alchemy, with wonders ways to us it to fight and gain power and influence. The characters are loud, fun, and profound. Its main character are trying to fix a mistake they made and get redemption for trying to beat death. The villains are also as well developed and rick with inner-struggle. A true work of manga genius.
2. Death Note
With a stroke of a pen you can kill anyone and how you want them to die. You could try to extinguish all evil in the world. Unless your smarter then Light Yagami, a super, SUPER, SUPA genius. This is a great story of cat and mouse with a dark and intense tone. This manga has everything and holds you throughout the story. The character interactions are strong and messages in everything they say. It is a smart manga that is a detective story where you are rooting for the bad guy. Go read it or your name might be found in a special book, and there are worse ways to die then a heart attack. 
1. Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball was the first taste of manga to the western manga readers. Dragon Ball introduced us to Manga and started the craze. Dragon Ball had it all, a powerful youth with a mysterious past and an unquenchable appetite , a pervy teacher, and a quest for power namely the Dragon Balls. Dragon Ball had iconic characters and Goku's fighting skills partnered with his pure heart make him one of the most recognized and loved manga characters of all time. This is a mandatory read for everyone, not just manga lovers, iam gonna force my kids to read it.

These were our "Top Ten Complete Classic Manga You Should Have Read." So get reading and come back after to voice your opinons. These Manga series have been finished and that means there is no waiting and your can read as much as you want. They transcend time and are classics. Did we miss any manga your feel are must reads? Let us know.