Monday, May 9, 2011

Girls Always Have at Least Three Options

Lessons in Love from Naruto- Lesson One
Sakura Haruno is the biggest and most recognizable girl here in the Leaf Village.  We cal learn a lot about love and life from her.  Through her we know that every girl has three options in boys at all times.  The boys may be oblivious to each other but a girl and in this case Sakura will way her options and burn no bridges.

Naruto and Sakura embracing eachother, in the rain
Option One- Naruto
The First Choice a girl has is the boy that is always there.  This boy will do anything if the girl ask or he thinks it will make her happy.  This boy has the girl in mind at all times and finds it hard to express feelings as to not jeopardize the friendship or teamwork.  The boy hopes that the love will be returned one day  and holds on tightly to that ounce of faith.  The girl knows of this boys feeling and keeps him a punch away at all times.  

Sakura and Rock Lee, Chibi, holding hands
Option Two- Rock Lee and possible others
Option number two is the boy that admires from afar and will make attempts that are ultimately turned down.  The boy is relenting and will almost stake her in the hope of the least bit of attention.  The girl will have a multitude of these would-be suiters, but she plays hard to get and ignores the advances.  The girl enjoys the game, and like option one will keep him in the friend zone.  A girl will have many option twos.

Sakura and Sasuke embrace
Option Three- Susuke
Option number three is the only boy the girl wants.  He is aloof.  He treats her bad and not with the most respect and she loves him more.  He will push her away and she will run to him.  He shows no intrest and is loved for it.  He is damaged and she thinks in her delusional mind that she can fix him.  Option one and two do not understand this and are driven to her more.

((So witch Option will she choose in the end? and why not the others? I hope to answer this in a future post.))

Witch Option are you?  If you are a girl, do you agree?

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