Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Naruto Vs Susuke Ending- The Tiger Versus The Dragon Theory

One theory i have come up with as to the ending of the struggle between Naruto and Sasuke revolves around the struggle between The Tiger and the Dragon in mythology.   When these two animal are locked together they represent a balance of power.  "Hard" and "soft" styles coming together to form a harmony between Yin and Yang, witch originates from Taoist belief.  This connection is made between Naruto and Sasuke.

Naruto- The Tiger
Naruto looking like a tiger, Naruto with beard, whiskers, Naruto track suit
Naruto is the Tiger because the Tiger is passionate, driven, enthusiastic, wild, and/or other traits seen as "Hot Blooded," witch Naruto embodies.  The Tiger also represents the Earth and reality, witch Naruto has a deep understanding of.  Naruto's fighting style is based on raw power like the Tiger.  Naruto desire to save Sasuke is also unrelenting like a Tiger.  Naruto has an affinity to wind, witch connect to the Tiger that is free and uncontrollable like the wind.

Sasuke- The Dragon
Sasuke looks like a dragon, Sasuke with Dragon tattoo, hand on hip

The Dragon represents a cold and calculating person who is in constant self analysis. The Dragon is wise, tempered, patient, humble, plucky, and/or any other traits usually seen as "laid-back," like Sasuke. The Dragon represents the Heavens and Sasuke is in a mindset that is separate from the world and is in a place all him own. Sasuke's fighting style is one in witch he uses fluid, throughout, controlled motions.  Like a Dragon, Sasuke breaths fire. Susuke a circular nature, Susuke's sight is always on revenge and his life is constant circle of revenge and hate.

In the End-
Like in mythology when the Tiger and the Dragon face-off in combat the resulting battle if fierce and unrelenting.  The same will hold true for Naruto and Susuke.  The Tiger and Dragon analogy symbolize the balance of power created from the struggle.  The Tiger and the Dragon coming together means duality and balance.  This means for Naruto and Sasuke their is no winning for either of them.  Naruto and Sasuke will always remain in balance and their struggle will never have a winner.  This means that Sasuke will never return to the Leaf Village and Naruto will never stop trying to get him.

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  1. ive got to say, that is a very reasonable explanation, and seems very likely,in fact, i would now like to kno if the creators of Naruto were thinking the same thing?