Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Will the rest of the Uchiha Family be Resurrected?

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Looking back as an attempt to connect to the current story, we must get clues from the past.
In the future the whole Uchiha family will make a return to the seen and either pose a treat to the Leaf Village or reunite with Sasuke in a momentous fasion, and spark true change in him.  There is a master plan in the works by Madara/Tobi and it envolves the Uchiha family as a whole.  Since Madara/Tobi is keeping collection of the bodies or the eyes of the Uchiha family for a later purpose.  This plan might incorporate his moon justu or the reanimation the Uchiha families' eyes for a even grander purpose.  In recent chapter everyone has been resurrected except those from the Uchiha family, outside of Itachi, who will have to play a role.  Danzo is also another person who has yet to be resurrected and will have to show his one eyed face sometime.  His connection to the family will also be important in the future.

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Do You Agree? Will the Uchiha Family return in a glorious fashion? Comment.

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