Monday, May 16, 2011

Response To Another Reporter

Tobi = Obito Uchiha
I was reading an article called 5 Ridiculous Naruto Myths Many People Believe by Itachi Nguyen on April 9, 2011. He stated:

Many people believe that Tobi is Obito Uchiha since they both possess the Sharingan, the same hair, and if you mix up the letter T-O-B-I and add another O then you can put together O-B-I-T-O. I also heard that it was Madara Uchiha who found Obito while he was dying gave him his power to keep him alive and then became Tobi. Well, I believe those who started this theory read too much fan fictions. Anyway, Tobi or we better call him Madara Uchiha is definitely NOT Obito. Obito was just freaken long dead so just leave him alone! 
I must disagree and present the idea that the similarities between Obito and Tobi are to great for them not to be the same person. My biggest point in the argument is that Tobi's sharingan and Kakashi Hatake' Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan powers are very similar. Kakashi can perform Kamui witch teleports anything to another dimension and back. Tobi's eye also creates the same effect but more controlled and can be executed easier and faster. Tobi can do a lot more since it is his own jutsu and Kakashi's is limited because it is a copy. The effect comes from both user's respected single eye. The similarities in eye jutsu are to similar to excuse. Kakashi could one day reach the level of Tobi. In addition to this, it is very likely that the real Madara would find another apprentice, other then Itachi, in Obito. He could have easily healed Obito if he had a powerful healing jutsu, like Tsunade.  Witch might what is keeping Madara alive for so long. This purposed healing ability also shows its face after Tobi heals from his fight with Konan.


Madara's Teleporting Technique.PNG
Space–Time Migration

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