Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Tribute to the Naruto Mothers on Mothers Day

Kurenai Yūhi bandaged hands

Kurenai Yūhi-
A fierce single mother who see the future in her child. A mother who had a great lose, but will continue. With Asuma gone this mother will use any genjutsu in her arsenal to protect her child and village.

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Tsume Inuzuka, dog eyes

Tsume Inuzuka-
A strong mother that takes nothing from anyone. A mother who is fear yet respected. She has a strong connection with her child and they share a bond strong then that of man’s best friend. She will rip into anyone to defend her child.

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Kushina Uzumaki-
She will make any sacrifice for her child, even death. A mother that puts her child’s future before her own. A mother who’s love is unrelenting and timeless. She is sealed with goodness.

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My own Mother-
My mother is similar to these three mother. My mother sacrificed much to provide for me and has worked like a dog to give me all that I need and want. Thank you Mom.

The mother’s of Naruto can teach us a lot. To all the mothers out there, in the Naruto world and beyond, Happy Mother’s Day!

Is your Mother like the mothers of Naruto? In what way? Comment.

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