Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Tribute to the Naruto Fathers on Father's Day

Naruto grew up not knowing his father.. This is something many people can relate to. This leads to other people filling the role of the father and creates a need for father figures.  Today we honor the father along with the father figure that are in our lives.

Naruto has had Minato his biological father, Jiraiya his grandfather figure, and Iruka his adoptive father.  Each figure plays an important role in Naruto life.

1. Minato
Naruto and Minato side by side, father and son, orange

Minato is Naruto's true father and his hero.  Naruto strives to one day reach the same level in the Leaf Village as Minato, Hokage.  Even though Minato has been dead all of Naruto life, he lives within his heart, literally.  Like a good father Minato was there for Naruto when he needed him the most and was at the end of his rope and was about to lose himself to the 9-tail and be consumed by anger.  Minato made the ultimate sacrifice for his son , giving up everything, witch is something any father would do for their child at anytime.  A father must be selfless and be unrelenting in keeping their child safe, and Minato was just that.

The most important quality Minato had that made him a good father to Naruto was  the fact that Minata believed in Naruto.  All good fathers hand their children responsibility and believe that they can achieve them.  Minato cursed his son, by implanting the 9-tails within the new born child, and did so believe that his son his son would overcome the trial set before him and even one day find the answer to breaking the cycle of hate.  Minato challenged his son, but knew he could achieve it.  What a task to hand a son. 

2. Jiraha

Jiraiya is a grand-father too Naruto.  Jiraiya provides Naruto with a bridge into the past and has helped him mature greatly.  Jiraiya has done his best to teach Naruto about woman, even though outside of his book he knows very little.  Jiraiya has taken steps to help Naruto mature like talking him to hot spring to spy on naked ladies.  Jiraiya also provides Naruto with vital information about his origins and purpose in life.  Jiraiya also tried his best to solve his 9-tails problem or at least make it easier to control, even though it was to no avail.  Jiraiya, like Minato, he saw Naruto and his generation as the future and died trying to create a better world and live like a true shinobi of the Leaf Village.

The most important quality held by Jiraiya that makes him a great father figure is his role as Naruto's teacher.  Jiraiya was a great teacher who also thought Minato and provided Naruto the best education available.  Jiraiya thought Naruto the Rasengan and also allowed him to sign the toad scroll.  With the Rasengan Naruto was given his most powerful weapon and has been able to develop it and make it stronger.  By signing the Frog scroll Naruto was able to increase his power greatly and received further training.  Jiraiya also took Naruto on a two year training mission where he was able to mature, very similar to camping trips and fishing time with our fathers. 

3. Irika
Naruto on Irika's back, adoptive father

Iruka is the adoptive father of Naruto. Adoptive parents have been around as early as fathers. They hold their own place in any child's life. Iruka took Naruto in when he had nothing. Iruka saw threw Naruto's trickery and saw the pain, suffering Naruto was overcome with and his loneliness. Iruka saw Naruto was alone and knew he had to do something or Naruto would slip into a deeper darkness. Iruka did this out of the kindness of his heart, and build a relationship with Naruto that others had turned away from. Iruka also forgave Naruto for the problems his birth brought to his life. Iruka was also a role model for Naruto.

The most admirable fatherly quality Iruka has is his ability to be Naruto's friend along with his father figure. Iruka remained Naruto's friend all throughout their relationship. This quality is something fathers should learn from Irika. They are friends first. Iruka allows Naruto to be himself and say what he means and hold nothing back. Iruka spends time with Naruto like a friend at the Ramen Ichiraku. Iruka also rewards Naruto, something most fathers do.


Whether you father is a Minato, Jiraiya, or Iruka he deserves praise for all they have done. A father serves as a special role in developing a child. Without a father a chid might be lead astray and go down the wrong path, *Sasuke*

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