Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How is Madara Uchiha Immortal?

How did Madara become Immortal?
Madara has become one of the most mysterious and theorized character in the Naruto series.  Many have questioned how this great ninja has transcended time and reached immortal status.  One way he might have reached immortality was that like Itachi, Madara was able to release himself from the Edo Tensei.  Kabuto is not able to release Itachi from the jutsu to stop him and theoretically Itachi has become immortal himself.  If Kabuto could stop the Itachi, then Itachi would not be able to face him in battle.  With this method age would not change because the ninja is dead already and is alive because of the jutsu.  The Second was the one who created the Edo Tensei jutsu and might have brought Madara back to life and subsequently made him immortal. The Second Hokage has a role to play in the reason for creating the Jutsu. passing it on to Orochimaru, and Madara's return.

Is Itachi Immortal Now?
Yes.  He is now immortal, and will remain till he is sealed.

I know this is a stretch, so please comment.


  1. what is the fan for that Madara Uchiha is always carrying, is it a weapon or is it meant for something else?

    1. It's a weapon,madara used it mostly to block or creat wind like attacks but he used it every now and then to slash

  2. make itachi hokage! T_T

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