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Is Susuke Uchiha, Sasuke Sarutobi?

Sasuke’s Twin
Is Sasuke a copy?
Who is Sasuke based on?
Susuke Uchiha vs. Sasuke Sarutobi
Sasuke with a hawk on shoulder, black and white

Is our favorite black haired ninja a copy of another young ninja?
We all know Sasuke Uchiha our favorite turn coat, with red eyes, and a grudge against the Leaf Village. Sasuke has become one of the most powerful and popular ninjas in the Naruto world. Sasuke has character and a sad history that makes him a anti-hero and tormented soul. Sasuke is a tragic hero and is a character all his own.
But was their a ninja like him before? That can give us clues on our beloved Sasuke.

Introducing Sasuke Sarutobi
Sasuke Sarutobi, blue background
Sasuke Sarutobi is from the manga Samurai Deeper Kyo. A story about a group of samurai that unite to fight a treacherous organization bent on controlling the world. The story follow the main character a legendary samurai named Kyo who must retrieve his body to retake his legendary power and status as the best.
Samurai Deeper Kyo Cover Art, logo
Sasuke Sarutobi is one of Kyo's comrades who help him on his journey. Sasuke Sarutobi also had a bad history till he found purpose in following a master named Sanada Yukimura, a genius general. Sasuke Sarutobi is a talented swordsman who is young but is driven to become strong for his people and friend's sake.
Sasuke Uchiha and Sasuke Sarutobi are kindred character and have countless similarities. Here is a list.

Similarities Between Sasuke Uchiha and Sasuke Sarutobi

1. Their Age, Personality, and Style
First, the obvious, both ninja share the same same. Sasuke, a traditional name given to young ninja. Their similarities goes way beyond their names. Sasuke Sarutobi name was passed onto him when he reached a status within the Sanada Ten Braves, who serve Yukimura Sanada.
Sasuke sitting casually on the floor Sasuke Sarutobi with toy and sword moving forward
Both Sasukes are 12 years old (Sasuke Uchiha at the begining of the series) and considered prodigies and geniuses.
Both Sasukes also have very similar personalities. They are conservative and keep to themselves. They are both focused inward and keep everything to themselves, and suffer in silence, while keeping their personal struggles within themselves. This is due to a childhood when they had to fend for themselves and depend only on themselves. They both suffered great travesty in their youth that made them cold and distant.
These two young boys also have very similar style that is a scowled face with hands in their pockets.
Sasuke with hands in pocket, manga scan
Sasuke Sarutobi hand in pocket with toy ball thing
Sasuke with white shirt and both hands in pocket, casual clothingSasuke Sarutobi with hand in pocket, black suit

2. Their Eyes
Sasuke Uchiha and Sasuke Sarutobi were born with special, unique, and one-of-a-kind eyes. In both cases they were genetic manifestations that they received from their people or clan. Sasuke Uchidha has the Sharingan or the "Copy Wheel Eye" and all its evolutions.
Sasuke with sharingan, while hair blows in the wind
Sasuke with bleeding Mangekyo Sharingan
Sasuke Sarutobi was born with a deformity that manifested with gold eyes. He got them from his people, who unfortunately are more deformed and can’t pass as a normal person.
Sasuke Sarutobi with cat eyes, golden eyes, black and white, manga scanSasuke Sarutobi serious face, with one cat eye or golden eye
Sasuke Sarutobi color pictureSasuke Sarutobi knelling, color picture
Both eyes are rare and make them feared, causing great loneliness.
Sasuke Uchiha’s eyes have reached to levels with new powers and access to more abilities. Sasuke’s eyes also turn into red eyes when in great stress. The red eyes are something the main character Kyo, the greatest warrior, holds. This is the same since holding all things constant Madara was one of the most powerful ninjas and him and Sasuke share the same genetic abnormality.
Sasuke Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, manga scan
Sasuke Sarutobi red eyes awake, Kyo eyes
Both pair of eyes held by these two ninjas hold great power and are testament to their power, status, and level.

3.Their Powers
Both Sasuke Uchiha and Sasuke Sarutobi are ninjas and depend on their jutsus. They are also both excellent swordsmen.
Sasuke Uchiha depends mostly on his jutsus, those created with his eyes and those fire justsu from his family.
Sasuke with casual chidoriSasuke Sarutobi ninja fingers, with ball
Sasuke Sarutobi depend on his swordplay, he has reached a level with the sword where he can face-off against the greatest swordsman of all time, Kyo.
Sasuke orochimaru costume
Sasuke Sarutobi sitting
Both have a great affinity with electricity or lightning. Sasuke Uchiha learned the Chidori a lightning attack and later could pass from his hand to his sword, a chokuta, creating a Chidori Katana. He can also use real lightning to create a lightning dragon, called Kirin.
Sasuke cat mask, chidori
Sasuke Lightning on sword
Sasuke's Kirin, ultimate lightning attack
Sasuke Sarutobi received a sword called Shibien that could generate electricity. His sword too can become electrified to be able to pierce better and add more power to his strikes. Sasuke Sarutobi can also call down real lightning to strike a foe and can create a Pegasus out of pure lightning.
Sasuke Sarutobi lightning sword, black sword, serious, manga scan
Sasuke Sarutobi lightning rode, lightning landing on sword, Sasuke Sarutobi calling down lightning strike, manga scan
Sasuke Sarutobi black lightning sword, Raikoken, black glove, manga scan
Sasuke Sarutobi ultimate attack, Hiraijin Kirin, manga scan, lightning Pegasus
Sasuke Sarutobi color picture, black sword generating electricity
They both also have powers that are infinity in their duration. Sasuke Uchiha has Amaterasu, witch is a flame that never goes out or can be stopped. Sasuke Sarutobi has a lightning net that traps foes and will not dissipate or stop.
Sasuke Amaterasu, manga scan
Sasuke Sarutobi lightning net

4. Their Monsters
Sasuke Uchiha and Sasuke Sarutobi have a connection with monsters.
Sasuke is a monster himself and becomes deformed in his Cursed Seal form. Sasuke gains wings and a darker tan. Sasuke Uchiha’s form is similar to the resident of the Aokigahara forests, who are deformed failed creates of an evil empire. Sasuke Uchiha could be seen as an experimentation as well, to create the perfect eye jutsu. Sasuke Sarutobi is a successful experiment in the eyes of the Mibu clan, like Sauske is with his successful eyes developing through the series.
Sasuke Cursed Seal Level 2, monster form
The residents of the Aokigahara forest are similar to the Uchiha family. They are both outcasts and discarded people. They were both feared and watched carful and not excepted in the norm. They both wanted to rise and prove themselves. The two Sasukes represent the best of their respectful clans and live to redeem them.
Samurai Deeper Kyo manga scan, monster
Samurai Deeper Kyo manga scan, monster
Samurai Deeper Kyo manga scan, monster

5. Their Friend/Rival
Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha’s relationship has become a key plot and conflict point in the manga. Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha are both the best of friends and also the worst of enimes. They prove that their is a thin line between friendship and hatred. Sasuke Sarutobi also has a similar relationship with Makora, who was a friend and later a enemy.
Sasuke hand outNaruto hand out
Sasuke SarutobiMakora
Both Sasuke’s and their rivals started off as friends. Their similarities brought them together. They were all orphaned and without a family and found support in each other. Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha were both outcast and alone and saw a similar sadness in each other, this lead to them building a rivalry and later a mutual understanding and acceptance of each other. They learned to acknowledge each other and respect each other and a friendship was started.
young Sasuke and Naruto on a swing, Sasuke hand out
Sasuke Sarutobi and Makora also started as friends bordering brotherhood. They both were discarded in a forest where they had to fight for survival at all times. They made promises to each other to become kings of the forest, this is similar to Naruto promise to become Hokage and Sasuke accomplishing his own desire.
Sasuke Sarutobi and Makora
Sasuke Sarutobi and Makora
Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha along with Sasuke Sarutobi and Makora had a symbol of their friendship to each other and respect. Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha had the traditional sign before battle of respect for the other, while Sasuke Sarutobi and Makora cut “x” on their thumbs to symbole the promise to each other and their friendship.
Sasuke and Naruto handshake, sign of friendship
Makora and Sasuke Sarutobi thumb friendship handshake, manga scan
Sasuke Sarutobi thumbs up
In both cases, the friendship ended when one betrayed the other. Sasuke Uchiha betrayed Naruto on his surch for power and saw ending their friendship for more power. Sasuke Sarutobi almost killed Makora in self-defence and thus cut ties with each-other.
After the betrayal come a rivalry that makes each side see the other as an enemy. Naruto chases the friendship and wants to save Sasuke Uchiha, similarly Sasuke Sarutobi always looked to fix the friendship with Makora after he discovered he survived their altercation. The rivalry leads to many battle between the two.
In both cases a final battle was destined and inevitable final fight, where only one side would remain.
Sasuke and Naruto standing back to back
Sasuke and Naruto fighting, Sasuke looking like the winner
Sasuke Sarutobi and Makora fighing
Sasuke Sarutobi and Makora fighting, shadow powers, sword swing
Sasuke Sarutobi and Makora face off, final stand

Possible Naruto Ending Following Samurai Deeper Kyo Outcome

Makora and Sasuke Sarutobi’s epic final battle was something where both sides gave it their all and the truth was revealed. This outcome is something that will surely follow when Naruto and Sasuke Uchidha face-off for the last time. Makora and Sasuke Sarutobi fight allowed them to discover that Sasuke Sarutobi remained Makora friend all along and was hiding the fact that he had cherished the friendship. When the dust settled, Sasuke Sarutobi was the winner and as a reward he was attacked by a worse threat another enemy who was the one who brought about the friendship to end. When Susuke was about to be killed Makora stepped in the last moment and saved Sasuke Sarutobi, by sacrificing his own life. This allowed Sasuke Sarutobi to awaken a new power and red eyes that allowed him to defeat the one who orchestrated the falling out with his best friend. In the end Makora died happy to have saved his true friend.
Sasuke Sarutobi and Makora final enemy
Makora dies protecting Sasuke Sarutobi
Makora dies, with thumbs up
If the Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha’s story follows Makora and Sasuke Sarutobi we can expect Sasuke Uchiha wins victory. A truth will be revealed about their friendship and Naruto will accept defeat to know that Sauke was his true friend. Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha will then have to face off against the one who caused everything, Madara. Together they will face Madara. Naruto will sacrifice his life for Sasuke Uchiha’s sake. With Naruto death, Sasuke Uchiha will awaken a new power or new eyes that will enable him to defeat Madara ultimately. In Naruto’s death Sasuke will realize the wrong he has done and will finally be free of the darkness within himself. Naruto would have made the ultimate sacrifice to save a friend and the world, an honor greater then becoming Hakoge. Naruto would be made an Hokoge for his sacrifice for the village.
Naruto bloody
Sasuke vs. Madara, demon fox

These two Sasuke’s have many similarities. They also are very different in that one stands on the side of right, while the other is driven to power and discards everything else. They parallel each other and we can see that their struggle is something that transcends no just different worlds, but different mangas. They both teach of friendship and growth. Sasuke Uchiha and Sasuke Sarutobi characters are similar yet we learn from both of struggle and friendship. We learn that complexity, struggle, and pain come with the name Sausuke.
Sasuke Sarutobi looking sadSasuke Sarutobi looking blue

To read Samurai Deeper Kyo and see Sasuke Sarutobi in action-

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  1. Another thing about Sarutobi is that he is based off of an actual person, from Japanese history during the Sengoku Era. Uchiha is purely fictionalized.