Thursday, September 8, 2011

Naruto Casual Cosplay- Necklaces

Do you want to dress cosplay, but you don't have the time or money to spend on becoming exactly like your favorite Naruto character?
 Introducing Casual Cosplay
Casual Cosplay is when you take aspects of your desired Naruto character and only dress or use small aspects of their character. Casual Cosplay is a cheap and simple way to showoff your fandom. Take simple style aspects of your favorite Naruto character and add it to your wardrobe. I have some examples and you can make it your own.  This is something that everyone can do and it is appropriate for any location, school, park, and funerals.


Necklaces are simple and very stylish.  The Naruto world is filled with necklaces that are special and meaningful.  Necklaces can be a cool accessory and spark conversation and intrigue.  Necklaces are not sex specific and can be a sign of your love for Naruto and allow you to casual cosplay.  Here are some examples and you can click to Amazon link you have your very own.

First Hokage’s Necklace-
You can have the necklace the first Hokoge wore.  It was passed down to Tsunade, who passed it onto Naruto.  The necklace is fabled to be worn only by those that will become Hokage.  This necklace foreshadows Naruto ascension to a Hokage.  When you wear this necklace you fall into a line of powerful ninja, some of witch will become the most powerful in history.  You wearing this necklace means you are destined for something great, weather its becoming Hokage or achieving your dreams.  Get your own.

 Sage of the 6 Paths Necklace-The Sage of 6 Paths is the most powerful ninja every.  He was able to achieve so much and reached legendary fame and prestige.  The Sage of 6 Paths discover chakra and laid the ground work for jutsu.  His necklace is a symbol of his status and grandeur. If you wear it, it will mean you have reached and achieved greatness.  The necklace bring status and achievement.  Get your own. 
(Link Coming Soon)
Itachi's Necklace-
Itachi is one of the most recognizable and liked characters in Naruto.  Itachi is an example of a dedicated and driven solider.  Itachi is also a good brother who did everything for him.  Itachi is a powerful ninja and has proven his worth.  Itachi’s necklace embodies dedication and persistence to justice.  Wearing Itachi’s necklace you will be seen as a powerful figure wh will do anything to keep peace and protect.  Get your own.

Hidan Necklace-
Hidan is immortal.  With his necklace you too can become immortal. The necklace is a miniature pentagram that he uses to attack and take advantage of his immortality.  The necklace is a simple of perseverance and overcoming even death.  The necklace affords protection to Hidan and will pass it on to you too.  Get your own.

To purchase click the link and you too can own a Naruto necklace and casually cosplay.

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