Sunday, September 11, 2011

Top 3 Overrated Naruto Characters

Who in Naruto is Overrated or Given to Much Credit?

The Naruto world has many different and unique characters. There are those that have developed a status that is unfitting labeling them Overrated. Another reporter Itachi Nguyen introduced The 10 Most Overrated Naruto Characters. I have come up th my own 3 Most Overrated Characters so far. The reason I call them overrated is becasue they don't fit into the comapny they keep.  My overated charcters stand among the most powerful shinobi in the Naruto world and don't stand up.

3. Suigetsu Hozuki
Suigetsu Hozuki, sipping out of water bottle, silly

Suigetsu Hozuki can turn into water, wow. He can turn his skinny arm muscular, is it a decease or a new way to win ugliest shinobi, since he is not proportional. Suigetsu Hozuki is on a team with Sasuke, nothing more needs to be said other then Eternal Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan. Karin can can help with her blood alone, useful. Karin can also sense anything and is a human lie detector. Jugo is a cured seal who can alter his body in anyway he wants. Jugo is also a true basurker. Suigetsu Hozuki swordplay has been defeated or a least suppressed countless times. Suigetsu Hozuki does not fit within Hebi/Taka.

2. Deidara

Deidara, bloody, beat up

Deidara is the weakest member of Akatsuki. Deidara played with bombs and was limited by being a long-range fighter. Deidara had strong morals, but his goal were not on par with the rest of Akatsuki. Other members of Akatsuki want to rule the world and protect villages. Deidara was all about explosive art. Other members could become an army, resurrect ninjas, and another could create a pocket universe where he can keep people and use to teleport through. What does Deidara bring to the dinner table when discussing important matter in the Akatsuki household?

1. Sakura Haruno
sakura Haruno, silly, big eyes, fist pump, awkward

Sakura Haruno has the misfortune of being the third-man to Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura has to stand next to the most powerful ninjas, being in Team 7. Naruto is a demon child with the most powerful entity in his belly. Sasuke has special glowing eyes witch evolve everyday and give him access to a ghost armor. Sakura is strong? Sakura is stuck in the middle and fall through the creaks since everyone is focused on Naruto and Sasuke’s struggle. Sakura is not even recognized by Sasuke and Naruto is loosing interest. Sakura has been reverted to a nurse while his teammate's struggle will define the future of the ninja world.

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