Thursday, September 1, 2011

Will Madara get a Third Eye?

Is Madara missing Something?

Madara hold two out of the three Great Three Dōjutsu (or the "Great Three Eye Techniques").  He has the Sharingan and the Rinnegan.  All that he is missing the Byakugan.  With the Three eye jutsues he will have comple acess to all the greatest eye jutsu.  He will be closer to reaching the level of the Sage of six paths, who could explain Chakra, whitch with the Byakugan he could see.


Where would he put the Byakugan?

The third hole on his mask, that hold the other two Dōjutsu.  There have been other ninjas with eyes on their forhead, Hiei comes to mind from Yuy Hakusho.  This would not be too deformed compared to Sasuke's Cursed Seal Form.  If Danzo can put a dozen Sharingan on his arm, Madara can surly add a third eye on his forehead. 

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  1. He can put the Byakugan in his fore head. And if you look close at the mask there's a third hole for the Byakugan.