Sunday, September 11, 2011

Possible Spoilers- Naruto Chapter 555

My Prediction:
Naruto has prepared the Bijuu Ball and will release it on the Third Raikage.  Naruto will surely gain victory with this attack.  Everyone will watch in amazement and Naruto takes down the greatest shield in history and gains more recognition among the army.  the attack will leave the Third wounded and will be sealed, not before leaving Naruto with some words of encouragement and resolve for defeating him.  On the other end of the battle field Garra and Tsuchikage will not be doing well.  Onoki will have shot a lot dust blasts and Garra will be tired from attacking the mirages.  The chapter will end with Garra getting serious and planning to show he has progressed and Onoki will finally give him more respect.

What I Hope to See:
I want to see the Third Raikage use some black lightning.  He was famed for this and passed it on.  I want to see what he can do with it and how he uses it.  I want to see if it is special in anyway and is it stronger then normal lightning.  I also want to see how Naruto deals with it, since Sasuke will surly send some lightning his way.

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