Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 10 Most Powerful Devil Fruit Users in One Piece

Having listed the best possible outcome for eating a Devil Fruit in Top 10 Most Powerful Devil Fruit Users, let us go through the worst of Top 10 Weakest/Worthless Devil Fruits.  These fruit eaters got the short end of the stick, but they all do their best to turn there lemons into lemonade.

Honorable Mention- Kinemon of Foxfire
He may have just been introduced, but his devil fruit abilities are distasteful.  He can create clothing out of racks and leaves, and can seemingly communicate through flatulence.  Both of these abilities are disheartening and useless unless you only have your backside or you are cold and need warmer close, witch conveniently has happened to him.  The reason he is not on the list is because he is new and his ability might be more then just specially situational.  He is based on the Tanuki, so he might have more tricks in his bag.
10. Buggy- Bara Bara no Mi or Chop-Chop Fruit

The Bara Bara no Mi Devil Fuit allows a person to perform the magic trick of sawing a woman in half better. This is perfect for a clown from the circus, but its functionality is limited.  The only redeeming feature is that you are immune to being cut, rendering a swordsman useless.  It does allow for limited levitation, but his feet must remain on the floor witch is very limiting.  He can reconstruct his body in any imaginable way, but there are a not a lot of advantages of having your hands connected to the bottom of your feet.  This fruit is a parlar trick fitting of a clown.
9. Alvida- Sube Sube no Mi or Slip-Slip Fruit
Alvida found a cure for overweight in the fruit she ate. So if you big-boned or chubby, the Sube Sube no Mi Devil Fruit is perfect, otherwise all that you can look forward to is stay a lean build for the rest of your life.  In addition to this everything slipps off her body, like fat and ugly.  Weapons and other people slip right off.  This means none can touch her or hold her.  Past that this devil fruit provides very little in fighting power or usefulness.  With a little Haki, I think anyone can connect a punch with her pretty face.
8. Hina- Ori Ori no Mi or Bind-Bind Fruit
Being a Cage Human with the Ori Ori no Mi Devil Fruit is useless against weak or lower-level warriors. Hna would find it difficult against a stronger opponent who can break through iron or cut it.  Strong opponents could use Haki to disable her ability all toothier by being able to touch her without going through her and being trapped.  This ability can not be used for other means.  She might be able to bind anything, but for what purpose.  You can't bind other things to you like power or fame, that is granted by more powerful devil fruits.
7. Tsuru- Woshu Woshu no Mi or Wash-Wash Fruit
The Woshu Woshu no Mi Devil Fruit turns you into a human washing machine, by being able to "wash and hang out to dry" anyone or anything. This ability may seem cool since she can wash away the dirty natures of pirates but it is not the most battle focused ability. This fruit might be able to let you clean just about anything from a person to a a piece of paper taking all the dirty words out of it. Tsuru is the ultimate cleaner but is that valuable when you are facing a man made of fire or rubber witch can't be washed.  She can wash away evil, but like bad stains they can't be removed no matter how many times you wash them.
6. Bellamy- Bane Bane no Mi or Boing-Boing Fruit
Bellamy is the ultimate slinky. Springs really. This fruit is limited in addiction to Bellamy having limited control and not fully exploring the full capabilities, like maybe having spring at other parts of his body.  He has limited control in the direction and trajectory, so long as you can follow his movements you can easily move out of the way nullifying his speed and bouncing powers.  He also damaged everything he jumps from, so this means he can damage his own ship just to jump up.  He can reach heights quickly, but when that is all you can do, is it worth not being able dip yourself in a warm bath.
5. Sharinguru- Shari Shari no Mi or Wheel-Wheel Fruit
Remember when you were young and you swung your arms around and around, Sharinguru can do it faster. The fruit turned him into a human car. All he has to do is get on all fours and he is off as fast as a race car. He can also punch or kick very quickly. Even turning his whole bosy into a weel wouldn't do much in battle or practicality. This is the full extent of the ability. I'd rather pick up a sword or a gun to fight with then this devil fruit.
4. Very Good- Beri Beri no Mi or Berry-Berry Fruit
Is that Buggy? No its Very Good? This fruit protects you from blunt force and breaks the users body into berries or balls. He can still be cut just the same. The problem is once Very Good is in his orb form he just levitates there, flouting. All he can really do from that point is use his body for cannon amo or get friends to play a game of soccer.  The lame fruit goes badly with such an asome name.
3. Lassoo- Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Dachshund or Mutt-2. Mutt Fruit, Dachshund Type
Is there anymore intimidating or scarier animal then Dachshund dog or Hot-Dog dog? A Dachshund is a small docile and calm dog, almost a runt. I would feel cheated if I ate a Zoan and it was a Dachshund. Nothing special would come with it beside a deep desire to lounge around and chase tenis balls around, better yet trying to catch Very Good. It just a little worse the Inu Inu no Mi Dalmatian Type ate by the Vice Admiral named Dalmatian. His fruit was so bad he had to depend on Rokushiki and Haki.
3. Chopper- Hito Hito no Mi or Human-Human Fruit
Chooper is a proud and vital member of our favorite crew, the Strawhats. This does not take away from the fact that is any human ate the Hito Hito no Mi, it would be useless. It has been said if a man ate it he would be "enlightened," but this could mean anything from knowing where you put the remote or that you are a literary work in a manga book. Chopper bring up the question of a animal eating a fruit that is its species. Like what would happen if a rhino ate Rhino-Rhino fruit? We are all glad Chopper found this fruit before a villager found it.

Now that you know the "Top 10 Weakest/Worthless Devil Fruits" would you take the first bit.  There are hundred other fruits out there with a worse taste and worse ability.  There must be a fruit out there that does nothing and just makes you drown quicker.  Looking at this list I take a second look at what iam risking when I see that spiraled fruit.
Comment and voice witch you think is the weakest/worthless fruit and if you would eat a forbidden fruit.


  1. the title should be:

    Top 10 Most "worthless" Devil Fruit Users .. not

    Top 10 Most "Powerful" Devil Fruit Users