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Top 10 Naruto Manga Cover Art

Naruto is know for its amazing art work. Naruto covers are a colorful representation of the manga from within. The cover all have amazing symbolism and value. The covers all have a message and say something about the story. The covers also provide color to the black and white manga, before the anime. Some covers say something special and we have created the "Top 10 Naruto Manga Cover Art" and the message the covers tell. Here we go.
10. Volume 48- The Cheering Village
This cover depicts a master and his two students at different parts of his life. Jiraiya was an amazing teacher and he found his legacy in one of his students and his end at the hand of the other. This cover also shows the similarities between Naruto and Nagato, besides the "to" at the end of their name. They both came from the same place and were trained by the same person. Jiraiya saw the future in his apprentices and the fate of the ninja world and he was right since their epic battle. This volume's cover art also has Jiraiya's book in the background speaking on the story he told.   
9. Volume 41- Jiraiya's Decision
This cover art depicts Akatsuki all together in a rare occurrence with Naruto in the background. All the members are there, even Orochimaru and his trade mark white snake.  Pain stands as the leader. This picture is the only official picture of the group as a whole, a rare scene. Naruto being in the background as the one who will defeat the organization.  Naruto is looking directly with conviction and determination.   
8. Volume 52- Cell Seven Reunion
This cover bring Naruto and Sasuke together with their recognized attacks. The point to note is that they are not attacking each-other, rather facing and person. Kabuto in the background is seen as the "big bady." Kabuto is the final boss that will bring Naruto and Sasuke together. The story within the pages brings the pair together again and they come to the realization that they will eventually have to have a fight to the death. This cover implies that they will face Kabuto together.
7. Volume 51- Sasuke vs. Danzo
We finally get the color of Sasuke's demon armor, called Susanoo. We see the serious expresion on Sasuke's face symbolizing his seriousness and intent to find the truth in Danzo or Tobi in front of him. Tobi and Tobi are also both staring at Sasuke since they both want something from him. Danzo for his eyes and Tobi for a reason that is still not known. This is also the first time we see Danzo's right arm reaching out to Tobi.  
4. Volume 58- Naruto vs. Itachi
After seeing Sasuke's Susanoo, we now see Itachi's. Itachi's Susanoo has the four arms and six fingers, with since only on one side the other being just bones. Itachi also has his crow on his shoulder.  Naruto is in front preparing a Rasengan.  This meeting between Itachi and Naruto will provide an answer to the gift Itachi gave Naruto in life.  This cover is beautiful and captures Naruto and Itachi's meeting and battle.
5. Volume 15- Naruto's Ninja Handbook!
Naruto and Gaara facing eachother and looking directly into eachothers eyes. The symmetry of the picture connects directly to Naruto and Gaara having a very similar story. They are two sides to the same coin. They both have their large moster partners in the back, Gaara with Shukaku the One-Tail and Naruto with the toad boss, Gamabunta.  These two warriors are ready to give it their all.  
4. Volume 43- The Man with the Truth
Sasuke and Itachi finally face-off against eachother. In the picture they are both tired and severely injured, similar to their relationship. These two brothers are finally bought together for their epic final battle. Itachi is bleeding from his Mangekyō Sharingan and Sasuke is screaming in victory or lose. This battle maybe foreshadowing Naruto and Sasuke's final battle. The art captures the anger and struggle the two brothers must feel, since one is hell-bent on revenge.
3. Volume 53- The Birth of Naruto
This cover finally provides us with Naruto and his parents. We see Naruto as an infant with his loving parents holding him. We finally see Naruto's mother. The moment captured is also the last moments of Minato and Kushina life. They died looking at their son as their legacy and future. The family cover is an amazing representation of parental love.
2. Volume 26- Awakening and Volume 27- Departure

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