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Top 10 Instant Jutsu in Naruto

The Naruto world is filled with powerful and effective jutsus that are at the shinobi's disposal at all times.  There are those Jutsu that can be used on the spot, this means without sacrifices or long periods of development, or specific requirements.  I have labeled them "Instant Jutsu," these are at the finger tips of ninja using them and can be used on a whim.  They are supper effective because they can be used without hand movements.
10. Amaterasu
Being attacked with a fire that can never be put out, can seem a little dangerous and it is. Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha, and Madara Uchiha can unleash this flame of death, as they have access to this Mangekyō Sharingan dōjutsu. Zetsu is quoted for saying it is one of the most powerful ninjutsu in existence. It represents "Material World and Light." It has been said to be as hot as the and come from the pits of hell. Amaterasu is said to be unavoidable, but some have been lucky enough get away. A, lost an arm to this jutsu. Every other flame is smothered with easily. The legend said that it never stops burning till all is ash and then burns for seven days more. This ninjutsu can ignite with the user just focusing his vision to a specific point. This means this attack is hard to avoid and can come with a simple eye movement.
9. Rasengan
The Rasengan, the new age Kamehameha. Naruto has taken this attack and made it his own. It was an unfinished Jutsu and Naruto is perfecting it. Since its introduction it has taken many forms. Naruto was able to add wind to the technique something his father the Fourth and Kakashi could not do. the Rasengan inspired the creation of the Chidori and Lightning Cutter witch have their limitations and hand seals are required. Naruto created the Wind Release: Rasengan and Wind Release: Rasenshuriken. The destructive power of the Rasengan is unmatched when it connects with an opponent, destroying on a cellular level. Naruto has made the Rasengan his one and developed it to a level other justu can not reach.
8. Tailed Beast Ball
If you happen to be possessed or control a demonic moster with almost infinite Chakra then you can release a destructive ball of energy that can blow landscapes and ninjas away with ease. It can also be released as a wave. The concept behind the Rasengan was based on the Tailed Beast Ball. The destructive power behind the attack is limitless since the Tailed Beasts have a replenishing Chakra supply. Having the Jutsu in your arsenal makes you one of the most lethal shinobi around since you can destroy a village in seconds.
7. Kamui
With Kamui you could send anyone or anything into another dimension. You can also render anything attack useless by sending it into another dimension. All it takes is a gaze and a little concentration and a target can resist but its helpless. Kamui can be used quickly and be used as the ultimate defense and attack, by warping body parts. Kakashi is limited since his eyes are implants and he has a chakra limit.  It a natural user of Kamui was around he could use it is secession and defeat ninja's without even moving and just using his eye sight.
6. Izanagi
By sacrificing a Sharingan you can control your reality. This instant jutsu makes you a master of your own destiny. It is the most powerful genjutsu, where it is casted on the user allowing them to control their own existence and do anything within the time period. This means you can escape any death or attack. Anything done to the user will be turned into an illusion. The illusion is reality and reality is the illusion. Izanagi makes it so a person's imagination becomes a powerful tool. The sacrifie is too big though, so lossing one eye means you must take another. Izanagi does allow for opportunities where you can commit suicide and take your opponent down with you and in the last moment save yourself with Izanagi. A user of Izanagi has complete control over him/her self and can escape anything you can think of doing to them.
5. Preta Path
With the Blocking Technique Absorption Seal the Preta Path can absorb an unlimited amount of chakra. With this jutsu a person can render all ninjutsu worthless. This means an opponent must only use taijutsu or genjutsu. Any ninjutsu can be used to power the Preta Path user. With the Blocking Technique Absorption Seal physical contact can mean draining the person of their energy rendering them ineffective. The user is protected within an orb that absorbs all incoming ninjutsu. This jutsu can also be used to revitalize a user and make a ninja more youthful, this means that the chakra absorbed can also be used to heal the user. So with the jutsu a person can sustain themselves thought a battle without the fear of running out of power since they can use their enemies power against them.
4. Deva Path
The Deva Path is the path that allowed the Sage of the Six Paths to create the moon. The Path allows the user ability to manipulate attractive and repulsive forces. With the Deva Path a person can use Banshō Ten'in witch allows for irresistible gravitational attraction, Shinra Tensei witch allows things to be push away from the user and Chibaku Tensei witch is a miniature black hole that sucks everything into it trapping even a tailed beast. The minmum 5 second break between attacks is a small weakness considering you can push a whole village flat. Almost all the direct at the user can be defected and directed back at attacker. The black orb of chakra made from the Chibaku Tensei makes a makeshift terrestrial body. With this jutsu one could repel even the weather, rain in Nagato case. On can control momentum and able to slow or speed up attacks whether yours or theirs. Powerful attacks like Amaterasu can be pushed away easily. The Deva Path controls gravity and unless you have the strength to withstand the force you will be pushed or pulled at will.
3. Susanoo
Imagine facing an opponent that at a whim can summon a five fingered, four armed, skeleton demonic armor to provide a complete defense and additional dexterity and maneuverability. Susanoo is the user's guardian deity, meaning the user has control of their own demi-God. Susanoo allow for an amazing defense that is almost absolute that increases as the user becomes more familiar with Susanoo and its goes from bones to a armored and well armed humanoid. Each Susanoo is unique from its color to what abilities it has. One ninja becomes one ninja two, with one feeling no pain or having any other thought then destruction. They become anchors when fully formed that can not be bugged unless there is something strong enough to move it.
We can not forget their abilities. Itatchi's has a Yata Mirror that nullifies nature infused attacks in is left hand and on the right Sword of Totsuka witch traps anyone it stabs in a dreamlike state for eternity. These two legendary and one of a kind make Itatchi's Susanoo seem invincible. Sasuke's Susanoo has a bow that can be used as a shield and the bolts that it fires are said to be impossible to dough since they are so fast, they too can double as melee weapons. His is powered by extreme hatred and can use Amaterasu for a more power and with greater control. Madara's Susanoo can be formed as a complete body. Madara's outlines what the full capabilities of a Susanoo can be since it has two bodies conjoined and can perform jutsus along side Madara. Madara can respectably becomes three ninjas in an instant.
2. Flying Thunder God Technique Space–Time
Minato has proven time and time again that he is the fastest ninja ever and the Flying Thunder God Technique Space–Time Jutsu is the reason. When Minato face-offed against Tobi he was showen that he was faster then human thought, since he moved faster then Tobi thinking to go intangible. The technique needs an anchor to land at with the special seal infused with Minato's Chakra. Minato enters through a separate dimension and exits where the seal is. He can place his seal just as quick and have access to the point when ever he desires. The Flying Thunder God Technique Space–Time also transport anything. Minato was able to win a war singlehandedly because of this jutsu. The most damage with least amount of chakra. It comes from the Summoning Technique and works in the same way, where Minato sommons himself where he wants. This jutsu has nothing to do with accelerated movement, but with manipulation of time and space. Minato can also create barriers that when people or attacks pass though it are transported to other locations.
1. Space–Time Migration
Tobi is a master of the space–time continuum. This is the ultimate use for chakra as you control yourself on a grander scheme. Tobi can turn intangible and thus remove himself from space. While he can only stay intangible for 5 minites straight but during that time he can use chakra infused chains to attack. He can not teleport while intangible. It is the greatest defense on the list since you can go ghost and nothing can reach you. He is completely removed from existence when intangible since there is no trace of his chakra. He can also teleport himself anywhere and to anyone. Tobi has his own pocket dimension to hold things and travel to, he can keep things safe and fresh removed from time and space. Tobi's teleportation has no limits and no seals needed. Plus once your in the personal dimension you fall under Tobi's illusions and remain unconscious. Space–Time Migration is a stronger or more advanced form of Space–Time Ninjutsu then the Flying Thunder God Technique Space–Time stated by Minato. This is also the most versatile Space–Time Ninjutsu recognized.

This has been our "Top 10 Instant Jutsu." So fear any shinobi that has any of these jutsus that they can use at a moment's whim; a fire the can't be put out, a miniature cyclone ball that rips every every cell of your apart, a sphere of pure and compressed destructive power,  a gaze that can send you or a portion of your body to a distant dimension that you can never find, a genjutsu put on the user making them masters of their own reality, a pair of hands that absorbs anything and they uses it to power their counter attack, a force that pull and pushes with great force with a thought, a giant armor-partner who will defend and fight for you, a kuni you can transport to at any moment faster then thought, and become unreachable by anything. Facing any of these "Instant Jutsu," run and run fast and prey your not found.

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  1. at this point, we found out that Tobi's 'Space-time jutsu' is simply very well used Kamui
    also, bijuu balls aren't very instant, they usually require a charge up of somekind